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  • Medicare

    Glaringly absent from the current debate about Medicare is the Doctor’s perspective. As a physician who has worked at every level of the health care system and a candidate for Congress, I bring a unique perspective to the Medicare discussion. Twenty years ago, as I graduated from medical school, I recited the modern Hippocratic Oath, a pledge recited by generations of doctors.

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  • Job Creation and Economic Recovery

    Living in Sacramento County, it is obvious that people are hurting. They are trying to do the right thing, to work hard and care for their families. But too often this is not enough. For too many, America’s promise of opportunity is beginning to seem empty.

    It is clear that the Sacramento region has been hit particularly hard by the recent economic downturn. There are also formidable roadblocks to recovery, including slowed GDP growth, tight credit, excess capacity markets, and general cautiousness towards hiring.

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  • Creating a New Energy Economy

    Central to our national mission is the mandate to build for future generations.  We now know, however, that many of our present patterns of development and growth are both economically and environmentally unsustainable.  The long-term health, security and prosperity of our nation and world require a transition in how we think about our relationship to energy use and natural ecosystems.  

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  • Moving Forward with Healthcare

    I have spent my professional life caring for people and educating the next generation of doctors. Unfortunately, the system consistently puts bureaucracies before the health of our patients. I have witnessed medical costs skyrocket without seeing patient care improve. And I have treated patients who would be healthier if they could have afforded basic preventive care. This is the result of an industry that puts profits before patients.

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  • National Security

    In Congress, I will uphold our most enduring principles, while protecting America from those who threaten our freedoms. I believe we must be tough and smart not only about today's challenges, such as terrorism and homeland security, but also about emerging threats, such as nuclear proliferation. If we keep our country strong with sensible policies that foster energy independence and economic competitiveness, we will be in a more powerful position to confront whatever national security challenges come our way.

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