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  • RELEASE: The Sacramento Bee Endorses Dr. Ami Bera for Congress

    ELK GROVE, CA - Today, the Sacramento Bee endorsed Dr. Ami Bera for Congress in California’s 7th Congressional district, stating he is a “hardworking and thoughtful member of Congress who has shown he is willing to find common ground with Republicans.”

    The Bee's editorial board pointed to Bera's record and expertise, given the problems officials will have to tackle in the next Congress. 

  • National Organization for Women PAC Endorses Ami Bera for Congress

    ELK GROVE, CA - Today, the National Organization for Women PAC announced their endorsement of Dr. Ami Bera due to his commitment to achieving equality and advancing the rights of women and girls. 

    NOWPAC is a leading force for women’s rights in all 50 states on the issues of pay equity, access to reproductive health care, eliminating discrimination, ending domestic violence, and LGBTQ rights.  

  • Fact Check: Jones Has Said In the Past Climate Change is “Too Polarizing” to Discuss


    Tonight, Scott Jones conveniently forgot his past statements advocating against dealing with climate change or opposing the Paris Agreement.


    • Jones has said climate change is too “polarizing” to tackle.

    • Jones is also on the record saying "he's not sure" about the Paris Agreement, a plan within the United Nations framework ratified by the United States in April, to limit emissions and greenhouse gasses.

  • Fact Check: Scott Jones Supported Trump For Months, Until It Was Politically Inconvenient


    Scott Jones claimed tonight that he would not support Donald Trump’s campaign for President because it’s the courageous thing to do.


  • Fact Check: Scott Jones’ extreme views on Immigration


    In tonight’s debate, Scott Jones claimed that he had a plan for fixing our country’s broken immigration system. The truth is his plan includes a wall and mass deportations, just like Donald Trump’s approach. 


  • Scott Jones won’t prevent Terrorists on the No Fly List from Owning a Firearm

    Scott Jones said he’s running for Congress to keep people safe, and that he wants to do whatever it takes to stop terrorists.

    Jones opposed a bill that would forbid people on the federal terror watch list from buying guns.

  • Jones Fact Check: US Attorney Said Neither Bera Nor Campaign Knew of Finance Violations US Attorney notes investigation has been closed


    Tonight, in an attempt to distract from the sexual harassment scandal dogging his campaign, Scott Jones made misleading statements on the campaign finance investigation into 2010 and 2012 donations. 
    THE FACTS:  

  • Fact Check: Scott Jones Faces Questions Over Accusations of Sexual Harassment

    Multiple fact checkers - including Politifact - have ruled Jones’ statements on matter “False” 


    Scott Jones just claimed that a female deputy who worked under him was lying when she testified under oath that he had sexually harassed her 30 times while he was her supervisor. The facts cast doubt on Jones’ version of the story. 

  • RELEASE: Dr. Bera’s New Ad ‘Service’ Highlights Commitment to Veterans

    ELK GROVE, CA – Today, Dr. Ami Bera’s campaign began airing a new ad, ‘Service,’ which will appear widely on broadcast television throughout the Sacramento market.

    The positive advertisement highlights Dr. Bera’s record serving the men and women who’ve served our country, both as a doctor in VA hospitals and as a member of Congress. The ad features Don Harper, a Retired U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who served in Vietnam, who calls Bera “the go-to Congressman for help.”

  • Rep. Ami Bera Statement in Response to Scott Jones' Position on Trump

    ELK GROVE, CA - In response to Scott Jones latest position on Donald Trump, Dr. Ami Bera released the following statement:

    “After months of supporting Trump, Scott Jones' latest statement is too little too late. On Election Day, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected president. If Scott Jones was truly committed to keeping Donald Trump from the White House he’d pledge to support Clinton and call on Trump to quit."